Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Watching The Brave One. Holy crap. What a great movie, and at least the beginning is a great endorsement of civilian CCW.
I just put the Sig P226 on consignment this weekend. It was my first gun. I couldn't stand the fact that it would start to fail to go into battery after 500 rounds or so. It was too big to carry concealed anyway, I carry the CZ P-01 now.

Incidentally, the Buddhist temple that I go to occasionally bans firearms on the premises. That doesn't make sense to me. Armed self-defense is a profound service to one's Buddha-nature.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A great exploration of Buddhism as it relates to the armed services may be found here.

It attempts to answer the questions:

Does Buddhism permit the State to build and foster an Army?. Can a good Buddhist be a soldier? and can he kill for the sake of the country? What about the 'Defence' of a country.? When a ruthless army invades a country, does Buddhism prohibit a Buddhist King to defend his country and his people? If Buddhism is a 'way of life,' is there any other way for a righteous king to battle against an invasion of an army.?

Key passage:

From the above it is clear that contrary to the popular belief the Buddha has not rejected or prohibited soldiering as a profession or occupation and the right of a king or a government to have an army and to defend one's country and its people. In the contrary the Buddha has expressly recognized the necessity for a king to have an army and providing protection to the subjects of a country has been recognized as a prime duty of the king .
This blog will deal with firearms, Buddhism, and nonviolence.